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Laser stage lighting


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Portable Laser Stage Lighting with Automatic Speed Control, Measuring 100 x 50 x 15mm

Materials: plastic housing 
External color: black 
Project millions of laser star on the ceiling and wall 
Very attractive and amazing effect in the room 
It has auto mode with speed control and laser matrix strobe light flash control 
It is perfect for outdoor activity, such as camping, party, funny and more 
Output power: 1 to 50mW (every single point power) 
Inside laser diode: 
*Green laser: 30 to 50mW 
*Red laser: 80 to 100mW
Power supply: USB cable for rechargeable (built-in 1 piece of lithium battery can use 3 hours) 
Laser color: green and red (3 pieces of blue LED) 
Style: project as matrix, millions of red and green laser dots 
Play mode: automatic speed control 
Dimension: 100 x 50 x 15mm 
Net weight: 0.3kg 
Gross weight: 0.4kg

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